The aims and objectives 

  • To have graduates with high knowledge and research abilities to further develop various techniques and related works.

  • To have workers with creative power and capabilities in microbiology in order to apply advance techniques for maintaining the accuracy in diagnostic approach.

  • To prepare the students with basic knowledge in clinical, immunological, biochemical techniques in order to continue their career in higher degree.

  • To facilitate the latest technical information pertaining to the emergence of infectious disease, laboratory bio- safety and the self preventive measures from hazardous agent.

  • To provide research intelligence, finding collaborators and disseminate knowledge to audience by promoting group discussions, seminars, symposia and conferences.

A microbiology should have some personal skills such as strong scientific ability to be able to methodically and to a high level of precision, have patience and good concentration, have an enquiring mind and good problem- solving skills, be able to write reports and give presentations, have good industrial training skills. Microbiologist work for a wide range of employers, including hospitals, universities, National Blood Service an Health Protection Agency, industries including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, food and drinks, consumer good and water supply. e.t.c.

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